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Architecture and architectural design of houses in Moldova

Exterior of a building, as well as its interior, often reflects stylistic tastes of its owner. Design features that distinguish the building from others sticks into the mind. Architectural design performed by ZenDesign Company gives the construction special and unique forms.

Our Company often departs from standard templates, which architecture in Moldova is often built on. We design modern and sustainable buildings, originally distinguished by a particular originality. The future construction may have features of a particular age, provocative and attractive appearance, or leave a royal and solid impression. Our employees work with a wide range of possibilities allowing architectural designing of houses in full harmony with interests of the customer.

The architectural design developed by ZenDesign contains all construction details of the future construction. We take into account all norms of possible construction, installation, restoration or reconstruction works, colour and stylistic requirements of customer, properties of materials used and many other details. The highest degree of professionalism and extensive knowledge strengthened by many years of practical experience allow us to offer the very best design of houses in Moldova.