Dutch Design Week Eindhoven 2017

Dutch Design Week Eindhoven 2017 is not a simple design exhibition, but a World Festival of Intelligence, Fashion and Design!

«The Making Of» was the slogan of the exhibition in 2017 focused on „creative and manufacturing process of product making”.

Dutch Design 2017 exhibition showed us how deep the eccentric but very practical and thrifty Holland designers of today can dip into the future.

The Holland design is as simple and brilliant as bisyscle, but this “Holland bicycle” is a mix of scientific experiments and high technology all together with humor and comfort!

Cheerful, bright and intelligent Dutch Design 2017 is both simple and technological! During the whole trip, I couldn’t help feeling that we are all characters of the science fiction novel "Futurological Congress" by Stanislaw Lem.

We were told that designers and architects are the most prestigious and respected professions in Holland. They are all simply adored and everything is forgiven to them, even hefty prices for their services. Fellow citizen take them very seriously and are ready to pay a lot of money for exotic chairs made out of pine needles, lamps out of bottles or clothes made out of glass. Holland is a country of handicraft, here the attitude to craft and quality and simple beauty is in DNA of many generations that is why the design as a craft has originated just from here. In a country where its citizens skillfully apply simple tricks and manage to combine the things that have never been fit. The main question today is how to combine new technologies and handicraft. Hi-tech + Lo-tech provide the product with a good place in the world of fast communications and emancipated personalities.

Intelligence for export! Holland is one of the most economically sustainable countries. It is included in top ten richest countries in the world. The society here is not split into the rich and the poor, and the Dutch economy is export-oriented. And they mainly export ideas, knowledge and innovations.

Today the centers of economic growth are concentrated in three cities:
1. Amsterdam is the capital and a huge airport,
2. Rotterdam-seaport,
3. Eindhoven / brain-port (the intellectual gates of the country).

Five years ago, Brainport was called the "smartest region in the world".

BrainPort - the name of the region is derived from the name of technology, Wicab Inc., that allows sending sensory data directly to the human brain through an electrode.

BrainPort region, formed around Eindhoven, where the centers of creative industries are concentrated, includes 10 000 participants, 125 companies. It produces more than 25 billion euros of Dutch export. The economic development and ideation process was accelerated by the Dutch Design Week (DDW) in Eindhoven, attended by about 200,000 people, and up to 2,000 authors. Today the Dutch Design Week has turned into the biggest event, the guests of which leave in hotels and restaurants about 5 million euros.

Dutch designers make active use of technology. 3D-printing and robotics are inspiring with the help of which they print lamps, vases and even furniture.

The state (the Kingdom of the Netherlands) is strongly supported and stimulated by more than one generation of students who open their business right after graduation.

A small European country can be truly called a country of architects and designers. Design has become an essential part of development of any products in the Netherlands – starting from clothing and furniture to ships and entire cities. New technologies, Internet communications have expanded the limits of the designer's profession. Here, designers become politicians, continuing experimentation in the field of sociology and reflect on the power, philosophy and development of society.

Today Dutch designers believe that in the future the value of a thing will not depend on the value of materials (even of the most advanced ones) - the main challenge will be original individuality. The design will gradually become more individualized until it turns into a personal history of each.


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