Unique Award in the RM in nomination Public Architecture

Irina Grechuhina has got only-begotten in the Republic of Moldova the Prize in architecture and interior design in nomination Public Architecture!

Objectivity and qualitive selection these are the distingishable characteristic of DAS Award, and here the main role is given to a professional jury which consists of five leading specialisst in the field of architecture and design: 1 Diego Cisi & Stefano Gorni Silvestrini Archi Plan Studio-Professor of Politecnico di Milano University of Leonardo da Vinci, Luca Zanaroli - he is Italian architect, Marcio Kogan h is from Brasil, Oleg Volosovskiy - he is the leading architect and designer from Ukraine, Tiego Da Valley - he is from Portugal, the founder of Tiago Do Vale Architects.

Here's the comment given by the members of the international jury:

Supermarket is always a challenging project for any architect, because most of its characteristics are standardized. This project meets all the requirements of the standard, as in face design so in its details. There is an obvious master's skills, the specific structure of greatness, with a very exact and well-organized design, hierarchy in illumination, as well as carefully designed details and the face side of the building.


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